Pneumatic Actuator

Publish Date : 29-Feb-2016
Category : Products Control Valve Fitting & Flange Mining Waterwork

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  1. Alumunium body actuators range concist of 17 models with output torque from 9Nm to 9,340 Nm at 6bar air supply.
  2. 304SSS/316SS body actuator range coin consist of 8 models with  torque from 24 Nm to 1,600 Nm at 6 bar air supply.
  3. Bottom drilling complies with ISO5211/DIN3337 to match the  valve. Drilling for assembling accessories are accordance with  VDI/VDE 3845(NAMUR standart) and ± 5˚ stroke adjustment.
  4. Aluminium actuator body & piston are over 30um hard anodized  treatment and over 100um epoxy coated on end caps, and external bolts use 304SS. Which meet ASTM B117 certification  (salt spread test over 1,000 hours and no corrosion) 

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