Service For Valve

01-Mar-2016 Services

in our workshop, professional technicians and experienced team is ready to provide full service to meet your needs, regardless of the product design, type, size, brand, or standard you use. Our machines are capable of testing up to Class 2500 and are equipped with devices other services, as well as quick and easy access to warehouse inventory for various brands of products that we represent.

Our services include:

  1. Welding, including heat treatment
  2. Special coating on the valve that is used for drinking water and the like
  3. Preparation welding, heat treatment, hydro-test as well as other trials,
  4. The determination of the remaining life of the valve
  5. Modification from automatic to manual or vice versa

Our advantages:

  1. Provide products trusted brand with the size, grade and different materials are available in full in our warehouse
  2. Technicians, engineers and specialists with many years of experience in servicing and thus the safety, quality and reliability of products senatiasa assured.
  3. The warranty for the items that are fixed on the terms and conditions