One-Stop Service

01-Mar-2016 Services

Services One-Stop Service, Installation, and Inspection

We are supported by a team of qualified engineers with experience in various types of industries. This is in line with our division which covers a wide area covering waterwork industry, oil & gas, power generation, oil industry and oil refining, petrochemical, and construction and mining. This makes us the right choice to assist your needs. Through our team of experts, we provide inspection services on a variety of products valves, fittings, and instruments as well as recommending the most suitable for you to use in your system.

 Services One-Stop Serviced & Management Inspection includes:

  1. Valve installation and repair in place for all the brands that we represent
  2. The provision of spare parts, gaskets and packings standardized.
  3. Machining process based on the results of diagnosis and system enhancement
Our advantages:

  1. The service provided by the product provider to ensure that the products and parts can be replaced immediately so that ime become more efficient.
  2. Technicians, engineers and experienced service specialists order to ensure the security, quality, performance and reliability of the results.