Automation System

15-Feb-2016 Services News & Event

The use of the overall automation system at a palm oil mill will greatly facilitate the monitoring of the production process palm oil (CPO) as well as providing accurate and actual information about the report output.

Palm oil factory automation system is a new system that is not familiar to a palm oil company in the country. Although, this system has multimanfaat but businesses are still hesitant when it will use the technology automation or manual change to automation technology.

automation systems is the automatic control system to process palm fruit into palm oil with automatic control system that can save resource use electricity, facilitate the process of mechanical work which can be controlled electrically, scalable, and integrated into a working system that is more efficient and effective in the treatment system in the oil mill. That is, this system makes the pattern control was originally done manually by human / mechanical or semi-automatically by mechanical switch to the automatic control system with the latest technology.

there are some weaknesses in the controls carried out by human beings is negligence and carelessness is the human error factor. In contrast to the automation system that can control the CPO production process more precise, high quality and efficient. This system can also save on electricity consumption for the power consumption can be adjusted as needed when operating the tool is not appropriate maximum capacity of the tool.

Compared to Malaysia, Indonesia palm oil businesses are still lagging behind in the implementation of palm oil mill automation technology. On this basis, PT Arita Prima Indonesia Tbk want pioneered the application of automation systems specifically palm oil mills.

PT. Arita Prima Indonesia offers total solutions in automation applications in palm oil mills. So, starting from the palm fruit arrives in the plant weighed with an automatic weighing system (automation systems start from here) and came to the dump oil palm fruit (loading ramp) in the plant to process into crude palm oil and palm kernel oil. In fact, this technology can be used in tanks timbun CPO so that company owners can determine the volume of CPO in it are accurate, real-time and from any location connected with a mobile phone network or satellite. "For conventional technology, volume measurement is done manually but we use automated systems. This system can also be used also in the regulation and control of temperature to prevent the oil be frozen or too hot, "

This automation system function provides reports in real time or at a moment's notice. This technology can also help measure the level of water and oil in the tank CST, compared to the manual system can not know how much water or oil content.

For owners of palm oil companies, real-time reporting helps them to find out the latest information mills and products.